Our specialty! We pride ourselves on just how good our sculpted stone and brick look. Add beauty and distinction to your client’s sign. Our brick and stone is fully hand sculpted and painted giving our signs real depth and feel as well as unique detail.

Standard Stone & Brick – We’ve set out to have a wide variety of standard sculpted brick & stone options. Our styles simulate the most popular stone and brick used today. We will continue to offer an ever-widening array of standard sculpted stone and brick options as we add them to our library.

Custom Stone & Brick – Whether you’re trying to match stone or brick from a 100 year old church or you’d like to match the existing stone or brick on a building, just get us a photo or sample (if available) and we can match it.

Some Tips for Matching Stone & Brick – The more we know about the stone or brick we need to match, the better. If you can get us an actual physical sample of the brick or stone we need to match – perfect. But good digital pictures can be just as effective. The more accurate (good lighting, multiple angles, etc.) the pictures are taken means the more accurate our stone and brick will be as well.

Click images for close-up detail.